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About Us

Iteme SDA Ltd is a specialized software company that has focus on strengthening of professional software development capabilities

We empower young students or graduates who have limited experience, training and familiarity with solving issues based on requests hence have their innovation and imagination hindered.

ITEME provides tailored training, mentorship and hands-on that shape and interest all stakeholders through technical support and further cooperation often resulting into startups.

Iteme also receives innovative ideas from anyone and transforms them into solutions for our community for the benefit of everyone

Our Team

Mbonimpa Leonard

Musirikare Pacific

Siborurema Emmanuel

Software Engineer

Mpatswenimana J. Damour

Software Engineer
Nsengiyumva J. Baptste

Q&A Engineer

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Our Mission

We remain focused on untapped tech potential fresh graduates of Rwanda. We transform them into excellent professionals who in turn make African business brand and lives more efficient.

We aim at achieving this by combining a practical training model to prepare the next generation of talented Rwandan software developers for global job opportunities as well as developing innovative solutions and entrepreneurship to support a growing tech startups ecosystem.


What we do at Iteme will;

  • Increase the availability of IT talent
  • Create opportunities for Rwanda’s IT professionals
  • Reduce IT operational costs

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